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Los Angeles Big Picture High School is an innovative college preparatory public high school situated in downtown Los Angeles.   Using the Big Picture Learning model of personalized, real-world centered education, we empower our students to acquire as much knowledge and wisdom as possible to set and attain ambitious goals for themselves. See our recent profile in the Los Angeles Times.


The Mission of Los Angeles Big Picture High School is to prepare students for adulthood and beyond, including college/university study and a successful entry into the workforce.  We feel that this is best accomplished through a combination of scholarship, direct experience, and personalized relationships.  We aim to create leaders as opposed to followers; active participants as opposed to spectators; individuals with a transforming vision that transcends doubts from within and limitations from without.  We strive to bring positive attention and increased opportunity to our community and its inhabitants.

Vision Statement

LABP creates active citizens who will serve as “change agents”, constantly looking to challenge and improve on the accepted status quo.  LABP graduates will be confident, disciplined, pro-active leaders who will excel in college and beyond.  Their focus is on community, and their own function is focused on enhancing opportunities for themselves and their peers.

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