Dear Friends of Los Angeles Big Picture High School,

We are so excited to begin our seventh year as an innovative school serving students and families in Los Angeles. Each year we continue to grow and provide amazing opportunities for our students and families, and this year we are expanding our offerings! We opened our year in a new location, allowing us to grow in terms of increased enrollment and opportunities. We’re expanding beyond our original Film And Theater Arts program base – adding focus areas in Business and Entrepreneurship; Science, Engineering & Design; and Culture, Policy & Justice.  Each of these concentrations, as you’ll recognize, leverages past winning projects, internships, and other successful student experiences.

As we grow, we are committed to building a long-term sustainability plan – ensuring that Los Angeles Big Picture High School has a solid financial and educational foundation, so we can continue to serve students and families for many years, regardless of state funding fluctuations (which this year threaten to take $100,000 of our budget).

We need your help! We are actively reaching out to a number of philanthropic foundations looking for financial support.  These foundations have indicated that they will require a strong showing of community support, demonstrated through financial donations.  We have a huge goal and just a short amount of time to reach it.

We have been challenged to raise at least $200,000 by the end of September – just four weeks!   We are hoping for 100% support from our community – even if you can only donate $5, every contribution makes a difference.

There are three easy ways to donate.  You can:

      • Donate on-line using PayPal (bank account or credit card required for this) - follow the link below;

      • Stop by the school to drop of your cash or check (made out to Big Picture Los Angeles);
      • Send a check to the school: Los Angeles Big Picture High School, 700 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90017

We have reached out to you as part of our L.A. Big Picture /F.T.A. community because you have historically shown your support in various ways – and we are asking you to help us now at this critical time!  Please donate and help us reach more people by reaching out to your own circle of friends and asking them to support us as well!   We truly believe that a dedicated group of individuals can move mountains – our students, staff, and families demonstrate this on a regular basis, and we are counting on your support so we can continue to push our students forward to seek challenges and make a difference in Los Angeles & the world!


Steve Bachrach                                                                                                  Kari Thierer

Executive Director                                                                                             BPSCA Board of Directors