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Although Los Angeles Big Picture is a serious COLLEGE PREPARATORY high school, the way we frame our students’ education sets us apart from all other schools in Los Angeles. We take your interests and your questions about the world and we guide you through the process of customizing your studies around these areas. If you’re interested in Marine Science you might spend part of your summer on Catalina Island studying the unique marine ecosystems there. If you’re concerned about how your neighborhood has too many empty lots and way too few green spaces, you’ll probably join our Garden Club, which earned a $7000 Community Beautification Grant from the city of Los Angeles to transform a neglected patch of land near the old school site into a “pocket park”.

Our students identify and create internship experiences all over the city, where they learn alongside professionals in their areas of interest. 

There are no limits to your Los Angeles Big Picture experience!

You might ask: “does this approach really work?  Is it beneficial to me to have a real say in how (and where) I learn”?   Over the past 6 years, over 85% of our seniors have earned admission and scholarships at high quality 4-year colleges and universities!  We’re aiming for 100%, but this rate puts us far ahead of most schools in the nation.