October 2014

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Street closures could not keep LABP from participating in the All-Schools Event: The Vue.  The downtown combined team was made up of Eric Teran, Saray Alatorre, Lorena Castaneda, Alberto Garcia, and Milthon Hernandez, along with three other students from the downtown area.

The objective: Designing AND BUILDING a cantilevered viewing platform capable of supporting weight. The biggest challenge for most schools: COMMUNICATION and making last minute ADJUSTMENTS. …..Not for LABP!

Screenshot 2014-10-20 21.09.08The LABP Platform was one of a few not to need adjustments. This was attributed to the impeccable attention given to required measurements. LABP shone! All bags full of 250 grams of rice were used and the platform didn’t budge. Three weights were added before the structure couldn’t hold. On examination, the platform had no design flaw but rather the material itself could not hold the weight. Congratulations LABP!

August 2013

LABP graduate Blanca Perez received the annual Alumni Award at the Big Picture Learning Conference in Providence, RI in 2013 for her leadership in creating a community garden for her South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. She was also recognized for her remarkable success in college.

Community Garden

Community Garden Project

“All I can say is thanks to [my] high school, I look for more than knowledge gained through books, but through the community.” For Blanca’s moving speech — describing her growth as a leader and successful college student — check out the video.

August 2012
Los Angeles Big Picture High School relocates to beautiful modern facility at 700 Wilshire Boulevard, placing it right in the center of everything in Downtown, from the Fashion District to Staples Center, to the Grammy Museum, to…you know, everything.  AND it can be reached easily from most corners of the city via MTA bus and Metro lines!

July 2012
Film and Theatre Arts Charter HS changes name to Los Angeles Big Picture High School (LABPHS) to incorporate new academic/real world focus areas: Science, Engineering & Design; Business & Entrepreneurship; Culture, Policy, Justice.

June 2012
Film and Theatre Arts Charter High School named to U.S. News and World Report Magazine’s “America’s Best High Schools” list for the 2nd time.

Film & Theatre Arts Charter High School’s final graduating class closes it out in splendor at the Keck Amphitheatre the evening of June 17th